Eloise Passport

After 6 years of total immersion as a healer (not distracted by family or relationships other than healing relationships) I travelled to Turkey where the call to prayer over the loudspeakers in Arabic woke me from the depths of exhaustion every morning two hours before dawn and transported me to a new and wondrous vibration. Turkey changed my life. I met a healer there and he said he had a message for me. He explained that he was channelling Gaia and the spiritual hierarchy. And their message for me was as follows: “You have served us. Now we will serve you.” How humbling. And serve me they have. I have never been so empowered. True healing is the empowerment of others. It is activating the inner healer that everyone carries within. It is fanning the spark of the Divine within each person and then throwing open the channel so that the healing energy of Divine love connects with that spark and it becomes a flame. Hallelujah! That is how healing happens. Whether or not you have a religion and no matter what that religion is.

I am devoting my life to creating deep deep trust. When trust is very deep the chattering mind (the “trickster”) is quiet and one is centered in the flow of Divine love and the experience is that of grace. All the forces of the Universe combine to heap blessings around you.

So many times I have seen people destroy their own future even as they desperately reach to create it. When I look at their life as a highway there are ways that highway is blocked. Some people have a 20 car pileup. Some people just have a flat tire they can’t fix and the tow truck they keep calling never appears. Sometimes the wrecks have been moved to the side of the road but they are still drawing energy away from forward momentum. Sometimes the highway is a cow path – too narrow to include the people who make the difference. My own highway is now a mixture. A verdant and lush green pasture deep in wildflowers and honey bees. At other times a very wide smooth newly paved surface travelled in a Maserati. And I vacillate between one and the other. I am retirement age. I enjoy my leisure. So I am beginning to carefully choose when to get back in my Maserati although the ride is smooth and effortless and it feels like being in love.

I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant and clairsentient. I undertook a two year advanced mentor-ship in development of the intuitive mind. I have now done thousands of sessions for people and I am, through grace and not through effort a very powerful healer of the four factors:



Emotional and


My work is now focused on creating abundance in its various forms:



Love in its various expressions,

Peace and

General Prosperity.