As a healer I have had periods when I struggled with trusting the flow of abundance. My extremely wealthy friend would just shake his head. It is all around you! he would say. What are you doing to stop it? So when the bank balance shrunk and the bills were coming in I would get tighter and tighter in my energy and start strategizing about making money and then be conflicted because I was healing from a place of love…..and this felt like greed! Measuring how much I could expect to be paid after considering someone’s finances and meanwhile the bank balance shrinking and shrinking. It seems to happen to me in waves. So I have a line of credit because I never want to get focused on the pennies and nickels and quarters because I KNOW FOR SURE that is a trap that is very difficult to get out of.
Anyway today I was checking on someone who learned how to stand in the flow of Divine love from me. And I saw what the flow of Divine love above him being manipulated and arranged. What he learned from me was that if you are in the flow of Divine love you have to do something with it all the time to benefit yourself or someone else. Whereas if I am under it my presence heals and it is actually full up with all kinds of abundance. But you have to learn to receive!!! It is a bountiful and generous Universe. I feel like I just pulled the stopper that my wealthy friend knew I was using but could not figure out how. This stuff is learned in childhood and in your family. We had a diametrically opposed childhood experience. I was taught to be good and love and serve. He learned very young that if he wanted to survive he had to be a renegade. I hope every healer has the benefit of love from this kind of person. It is very balancing!!