So recently a client who came for a session looked at my speed ball and laughed and asked if I was using it. When I explained that I was she suggested I blog about it. So here goes. I used to somehow believe that I was the embodiment of love. But the facts began to confront me. I was motoring around in a state of bliss loving everyone one day and I consulted a healer about my scalp psoriasis. He said to me “My dear someone is getting in your hair”. So as a way to intervene he did an energy session. For the next two days as the catharsis unfolded I spoke through gritted teeth and could barely be civil to store clerks and generally experienced my frustration and anger.
More recently I had the opportunity through a long interpretive dance experience to act it out physically. And now I know that I have at least the same amount of anger as every other person, that anger is a legitimate emotion, that anger is often not rational and when it is not it is best not to bring it into relationships, and that anger needs an outlet. Anger without an outlet will find one……either it will turn in and become depression……or it will create dis-ease in the body.

Sooooooooooo….I inquired about using the boxing equipment at the gymn but that is not the kind of workout which is encouraged for a 68 year old. So I crossed the street to Suits U and a surprised man listened carefully to what I wanted and suggested a speed ball and while he was at it he ordered one for himself. So now I do a few rounds with my speedball on a regular basis. My footwork does not match that of a 30 year old boxer but I have agility and eyehand co-ordination and lots of power so when I put the gloves on lots happens. It is a very skillful way to channel anger and to dig up anger you didn’t know you had and you end up in your personal power and with lots of clarity. I heartily recommend a speed ball to you.