I am not a follower of other teachers. However somehow I registered for and showed up at a Weekend of Inquiry with Gangaji. She has been teaching for decades. People who began to follow her 20 years ago were in attendance. One person had travelled from Geneva to Victoria to attend. Many were from out of town. There were 50 of us. On the first day of the retreat I was deep in suffering. I had been unable to terminate a friendship that became a healing relationship that became a relentless crossing of my clearly stated boundaries. There was a sense of threat in the energy I was receiving sometimes and no communication in the physical realm. I am very much against relationships on a psychic level that are not respectful of one another’s personal power and boundaries. As I wondered and wondered how to terminate this relationship where we had shared so much love Gangaji spoke of her teacher Papaji. His total instruction to her was one word: STOP. One did not have to know how. Just STOP. And later her teaching that if we wanted freedom we had to be willing to die. We had to give up all ideas of life after death. We had to just be willing to die. And also to give up using all of our extraordinary powers and live and die like every other ordinary person.
As I walked in the sunshine after lunch Gangaji contacted me over the psychic connection with instructions to raise my hand and be one of the people to sit with her and receive instruction. But when the moment came and she looked directly at me I could not. Instead over the ensuing hour all of the healing energy and all of the teachings that I needed tumbled towards and through me. In my group healings many people say to me “that was me you were reading” as if the entire experience were between me and that person only. I have just enjoyed that experience and learned how much it means. I also enjoyed the deepening and healing that happens when Gangaji enters the room or meditates and I know this is what my students and followers experience as well. How very lovely to be on the receiving end!
A final note…..laughter! This teacher is full of laughter! May I sit at her feet and learn!!