Distance healing is not generally done over the phone.  Only in case of extreme emergency or if someone is unable to use a computer is distance healing done over the phone.

For a distance session I sit and connect over distance to your spirit.  You are right here with me. I can see your whole energy field and all your information just as if you were physically present in the room with me.  As your spirit shows me all that is true in your body and in your mind and in your emotions and in your spirituality I read out loud and record all the information. When your spirit brings me imbalances and blocks to heal I channel the energy of Divine love and heal them. Some people receive the healing in the moment I am doing it. I email a link to the recording with instructions for quiet listening. Hearing my voice opens the channel wide and the energy rushes through and the healing takes place. Even in hearing the reading there is healing because I am giving you your truth that is deeper than the thinking mind. It comes from spirit. Add to that the energy of Divine love and the results are profound. The power and love are as great in a distance healing as they are in person.  It all comes from spirit.

No appointment is needed for a distance session unless done over Zoom.  I can connect to you at any time and anywhere in the world.   All that is necessary is for you to set the intention to be open to a reading and healing by paying my fee. Intention moves the Universe. It opens doors. And it makes distance readings and healings possible. It is actually better not to have an appointment because then there is no tension and expectation to overcome and your spirit is free and relaxed and accessible.

Distance healings are offered via Zoom.

*If Zoom isn’t an option, I can do the reading by phone or send a recording to you by email.