Just as an individual has an aura a group also has an aura. People who are drawn to be present all belong to the group aura. In a group reading and healing as I read and heal the group aura, you will enter a meditative state even if you have no prior knowledge of meditation or energy work. This experience is an energy healing as well as a reading for the group and your vibration will go up. As the group vibration rises experiences include physical healings, states of bliss – which last several days, states of deep relaxation, healing of old grief, lifting of depression and spiritual openings which can include communion with spirits of loved ones who have crossed over. The feedback I have had is that participating in a group reading and healing is an uplifting experience. My own observation is that it clears the way for deeper healing – removing the blocks to healing.

Group Healings are now offered via Zoom only. The beauty of connecting in this manner, is that people from all over the world can join together in a beautiful healing space!

The actual reading and healing takes between 40 minutes and an hour. At the end there is a quiet period of sacred space followed by questions and sharing when people are ready. Generally we are complete after two hours.

Please keep a glass of water nearby as your vibration will go up.