Every person has an energy body and a physical body. The physical includes the emotional. As a spiritual energy healer I am able to see and work with the energy body. I work in the quantum field to heal the energy body and bring it into balance. When the energy body comes into balance and alignment, the physical and emotional are healed. The wellspring for this work is love. The healings are a spiritual experience.

I am also a medical intuitive, having the ability to see into the physical body of people and animals and observe its systems such as endocrine, respiratory, digestive and immune and to relate to you what I find in layman’s terms that are easily understood. I have experienced success in healing physical illness in some people.

A Reading and Healing may include any or all of the following or you may ask that one of these be included:

  • rose reading
  • past life reading
  • aura reading
  • medical intuitive session
  • healing meditation
  • clairvoyant reading in response to a question
  • healing in response to specific emotional states
  • healing in response to specific physical distress
  • balancing and aligning the energy body
  • reconnective session
  • counselling
  • support for spiritual path
  • medical intuition

Individual Session – $160.00