I first met Eloise at one of her group healings and her energy was so intense, I went so deep, that I knew she was the real deal. That experience led me to seeing her privately, which I’ve been doing for a while now. I’ve seen some changes in my life that I attribute to her help. Eloise is a good listener, very kind and just radiates love. She’s helped me immensely and is worth checking out. Kathy S.

I had a nerve in my back at the base of my shoulder that would pinch and cause a lot of pain when I straightened, my shoulder would hunch forward to avoid the pinch…I was twisted and crooked. Physio didn’t help, massage therapy didn’t help, Dr’s and drugs didn’t help. I suffered for a long time. Then I found Eloise Gladders, and through her medical Intuitive healing she made it better. I know this without doubt. I no longer suffer from that pain, haven’t for a very long time and am so very grateful that I found her.

Eloise Is The Real Deal

My healing work with Eloise has been profound. She was recommended to me by a registered clinic counselor and with her help I am now making greater progress in my ongoing journey. She is quiet by nature, kind and authentic. I highly recommend her.

I Recommend Eloise!!

Eloise’s healing sessions leave me with an incredible sense of calm and renewed energy in the days that follow. The visuals in her readings offer so much insight and are easy to relate my life to in order to gain perspective and understanding. Eloise has always been immediately available when needed and has helped me through challenging times.

Beautiful, Transformative Work

I came across Eloise by chance while travelling for a few weeks in BC. I saw her once in person and have continued with distance healing since coming back home to Montreal. There is a deep peace in Eloise. The work she does with symbols, language, and colour — although I don’t understand it — works. After each session, my body and mind has gone into intense processing mode, and big shifts have happened almost instantaneously. She is also fiercely strong in the face of psychic threats. I highly recommend her.

Eloise has been a great gift in my life. She was able to help with many aspects of my life and has helped me to become more confident, content and self assured. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is in need of help and I have already to a number of people. She has also healed me of the Celiac Disease that I was diagnosed with two years ago. I have been eating wheat for the last 13 months.
Matilda G

I have had a 7 year battle with hives that basically had everyone baffled and my medical doctors saying it was hereditary live with it, this is not a nice thing to be told. After emailing back and forth to Eloise the hives started to get better and better, it has been a long journey but with Eloise’s wisdom and guidance I have been able to learn to ground myself and feel 100% better. I used to feel angry and depressed every time the hives started and now I have learned to relax and I feel a lightness in my emotions.
Mark G.

I had never met Eloise before she was referred to me by a close friend. I am usually very cautious of those saying they are a healing psychic. Thankfully I trusted my friend’s advice,and booked an appointment with Eloise. What I found was, yes, she is the real-deal. She is psychic, she does heal and she does it in a most respectful, ego less, and loving manner.
Eloise is gentle, compassion-filled and assuring. The energy she uses in healing is Love. I would describe my session with Eloise as subtle, profound and powerful. She is here to serve and her attitude, knowledge and experience reflects her commitment to that principle. My life has been positively changed by just one session.
Jean T.

Eloise has done major healings for me. The first was my diagnosed post traumatic stress disorder which was being treated with pharmaceuticals and which was destabilizing me and destroying my days and my nights. I am now drug free and I have no symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. The things that used to trigger symptoms which were severe including complete loss of body heat and violent pain in the head such that I was hospitalized no longer trigger any symptoms at all. I am at peace.I was scheduled for a rush hernia operation and the surgeon thought I might need emergency surgery. After an intervention by Eloise I have not needed any surgery whatsoever, the surgery was cancelled, and many months later I am doing fine. I am willing to talk to anyone who is considering healings with Eloise and my number is available from her on request.
Marlene G.