Understanding synchronicity is not possible in my view….I believe those two words to be an oxymoron. So how then is it possible to write about synchronicity? I think that I have to channel this blog for it to have value. Synchronicity can be said to happen because of the alignment of the planets, or it can be said to be a response in the Universe to two or more matching energies. So are we speaking then about the Law of Attraction? In its natural operation perhaps but I think the underpinnings for the Law of Attraction are too practiced and deliberate in those who cultivate its workings in their lives, i.e., there is too much effort involved. Synchronicity is effortless. There is an older man who was very disappointed at one time that I was not interested in being in a relationship with him and later let me know that my friendship crossed his boundaries so when we encounter each other I am very respectfully contained. If he sees me coming he turns down a side street. But we encounter each other several times a week…in fact almost every day on the sidewalk or in various restaurants. I think this is true synchronicity. Does synchronicity have a purpose in the Universe? I think not. I think it is an opening in the flow of energy and it reminds me of when I am engaged as a healer and the huge flow of Divine love ignites the spark of the Divine in the person across from me and healing happens. I believe that synchronicity is an opportunity created by strong energetic resonance. When we think of someone and they instantly phone us I think that is an opening created by such a resonance. When you see the numbers for example 11:11 there is an opening being created by Universal love to reach beyond the ordinary. And sometimes I think there is a lot of Universal love happening when there is synchronicity and we cannot always understand the workings of Universal love in the same way we understand human love. For example it may not obviously feel or seem to be loving. But it heals or changes one’s direction if not thwarted. There was a time when I was very connected to synchronicity in my daily life and now I am not. I believe people can open or close the doors to synchronicity in their lives by intention.