Although there is no regulatory body or ethics ombudsman for an intuitive healer my clients are all aware that I will never disclose their identity or their personal information. It is held prayerfully in a very safe container. Prominent public figures with distinguished lineages are so held by the energy of Divine love which I channel that their trust in me never wavers although through the years there are interruptions and sometimes even discord in our relationships. They are aware that I am a very truthful person, that their healing is very much intertwined with mine, and that I share my healing path publicly for the benefit of others. There is often no financial compensation for me in what turns out to be deeply reciprocal healings. My gratitude is directed to God for that is where healing comes from. So that is one face of gratitude…….the face of prayer.

I sat here tonight and (seeing in symbols as I do) I saw that I was on top of the heap. Which led to the question “the heap” of what? And I realized very deeply that it is gratitude. Something stops some people from thanking me in person or writing a testimonial for healings that have saved their lives, their marriages and their reputations but thoughts have tremendous power in all of our lives. I would like their money, their thanks and their testimonials. Thoughts and feelings of gratitude feel very very wonderful to the recipient. But they change. Thoughts and energy are in a loop and when one changes so does the other. And our energy fields change and move and gratitude is forgotten. But reliability and confidentiality and ethics and channelling of love and forgiveness are also forgotten by others but not by me. And if there is not an equal exchange of value on an ongoing basis the entire healing is lost! So my most sincere prayer is that all of us will always express our gratitude to one another in ways that have value to the other person in the physical realm.

Let me continue very prayerfully here. There are other faces of gratitude which are equally if not more valuable to me. The love and care of community who are often expressing their gratitude to the Divine as we support one another! The expression of faith and trust in one another is an expression of gratitude. And I have always said that gratitude is an energy that puts wings under our feet. So that light and awesome feeling that accompanies gratitude is also a face of gratitude. And I think that the experience of good health and a pain free body is a total reflection of all that gratitude that is being directed towards me this evening. I am learning deep lessons in the true faces of gratitude. I think it may be that the deepest face of gratitude is a never before experienced level of trust. Still learning.