I have been debating with myself whether I wanted to write next about the way fantasy creates reality or whether I wanted to write about the power of our thoughts. And then I suddenly realized it is the same subject! Thoughts are tremendously powerful. There is a Divine Matrix that connects us all and thoughts travel across it and impact the person we are thinking about. We are exhorted to guard our thoughts for a very good reason. We are shaping the experience of the person we are thinking about. Thoughts and energy form a loop. What is done with one affects the other. People who are caught in a loop of thoughts that run their lives turn to me for an energy healing to cut across that and enable change. As conscientious people we need to recognize that if we always think of someone as in some way deficient we are creating or at least enabling that in their lives. So everyone should undertake some training such as I have had the benefit of in my years as a Buddhist which trains the mind into pathways of patience and loving kindness and compassion. This has a very different result than thoughts of pity and fantasies about how another person must be suffering. The whole mindset is different. Loving kindness and compassion are underwritten by respect and appreciation. Pity and fantasies about suffering are underwritten by a belief that that person is in some way less than we are. We are projecting our judgements onto them instead of healing the pain we are feeling.
There are two kinds of fantasies. One is worry which is using fantasy to create something you do not want. The other is pleasurable and empowering fantasy which is using the power of thought to create positive change in your life. The mind does not know the difference between fantasy and experience so I encourage everyone to use positive fantasies to improve their experience in this world.