Sometimes it is just impossible to create permanent healing for someone. And then you just let go forever. It is a hard lesson for a healer to learn and I have struggled and struggled with it. I am still struggling. What are the conditions that prevent a person’s inner healer from being activated? Why does dependency happen instead of healing? Why do people fall in love with their healer? And what does a healer do when that happens? A very insightful man who has seen my healings in progress observes that in order to heal I match the other person’s light frequency code and then change myself. That I am creating a very deep trust to faciltate healing by getting so engaged with the other person that there is no sense of other. So this resistance to healing becomes my resistance to healing. This is now my addiction to falling in love instead of healing which is being healed here. My tendency toward dependency in healing relationships with people of the opposite gender. My confusion between healing love and romantic love. So now I understand. It is when the differences become clearly highlighted in the healer between healer’s love (loving kindness and the channelling of Divine love) and romantic love that there is a triggering of the client’s inner healer so that the therapeutic relationship has an end point.