Truth is not an absolute. So when someone says to you “that is the absolute truth” that just means it is their truth from their experience. So what I blogged about Healing through Experience is my truth. But there was reciprocity in the healings as there always is in healings. And perhaps their truth is that they both gave me their power in exchange for their lives. Both of them were life saving healings for them. And I experienced very personal lessons in boundaries and respect from both experiences that are invaluable to me. And here I sit surrounded by respect and gratitude and love and well being and leisure and so on. I hope my sharing my healing path helps to heal others and move them through the stages of awareness, anger, truth telling, self awareness and forgiveness. Then it can seem as if all the pain was a dream……it loses its substance. These are the steps to reconciliation and forgiveness. Please remember that forgiveness is a process with these steps rather than an event.